Our new generation of high performance Noviform Smart ZNC EDM with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design, promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional EDM.

novick NOVIFORM 250S Smart ZNC EDM
Worktable sizemm
X axis travelmm
Y axis travelmm
Z axis travelmm
Workpiece sizemm
Workpiece weightkg
The distance between Z-platen and worktablemm
Max machining currentA
Machine dimensions (LxWxH)m
Machine weightkg
    800 x 500 x280

Our new generation of high performance NOVIFORM SMART ZNC EDM with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional EDM, and to bring one close to the latest EDM technology.

Probably the least complicated EDM machine available!

At a single glance the machine operator has a visual overview of the complete machining process. From the 3 axis Digital Read Out display showing the electrode position to the specific machining parameters, all is set simply by a few clicks.

Only inputs:
• Machine direction (up/down cutting)
• Electrode type and material to be machined
• Electrode size
• Electrode wear rate
• Peak current
• Machining depth

Best machine program will be automatically set generated by the fuzzy logic microprocessor. This entry level machine gives high accuracy results and most engineers can be trained to begin successful sparking in less than an hour.

This entry level machine gives high accuracy results and most engineers can be trained to begin successful sparking in less than an hour.

ZNC with Easy operation dialogue interface system

■ Automatic parameter change: Fast erosion to finish erosion.

■ Equal pulse power supplier: When big electrode or depth erosion the computer can calculate the speed special for accuracy or for speed.

■ ARC & Short circuit Protection: Automatic monitor of erosion status, when ARC or Short Circuit, generator will detect GAP feedback signal and adjust erosion frequency.

■ Safety Protection: Auto Fire detection system, ARC Protection and Oil Level Detection provide safety security system.

Easy programmable Z axis programs which can be a single step, or up to 10 steps

Each step can contain different machining parameters. The machining parameters can be modified at any time during cutting without affecting the stored program.

Once the above are entered, the machine will auto set, and carry out machining automatically. It will alter setting if it encounters poor cutting conditions, and revert once they are cleared.

New Third Generation Fuzzy logic control system

Novick EDMs use FUZZY logic in spark machining where only needs to input material of electrode and work piece, maximum current, minimum current and then the controller auto sets all the machining parameters from rough to finish. This feature gives speed, precision, finish on workpiece and minimum wear on electrode.
fuzzy logic novickedm
The fuzzy logic control system is a basic form of adaptive control it monitors the important machining parameters. If the machine encounters a problem whilst cutting, the parameters are automatically adjusted until the problem is cleared, then the control will revert to using the original settings.

Using the new fuzzy logic control system, most users have seen considerable improvements in machining time, surface finish, especially when machining thin ribs, and electrode wear rates.

Machine Meticulous Manufacturing Process High Standard Quality Control

Excellent quality products with reasonable prices have been increasingly welcomed by worldwide buyers. In recent years, NOVICK has made breakthroughs in technology and machine quality. Rigorous quality control is thoroughly conducted throughout the entire manufacturing processes from warehousing, machining, assembling to quality control. In addition, utmost attention has been paid to every detail at each step during the manufacturing process. NOVICK EDMs have been sold to over 40 countries in the world, and exports to developed countries such as Europe and America are also increasing gradually. With an aim to present excellence, we constantly conduct problem analysis in detail, conclusion and arrangement and execution adjustment.

Stiffness and precision are hallmarks of the new NOVIFORM SMART units. State-of-the-art methods have been used in their development, while the finest of modern machining and assembly techniques have gone into their construction.

Each machine is verified with a laser that checks the positioning of each axis to make sure it meets the norm of VDI 3441. Also, each machine must comply with the restrictions according to ISO 230-4.

• Compact space-saving design with integral dielectric system and generator for machining of small and medium-size parts
• X/Y axis use High grade Class of ball screw to keep easy transmission and high accuracy.
• Machine casting use strong material and season cast iron to release of casting inner strain to keep machine body high rigidity without bending.
• Machine construction according computer tensile strength, resist compression and stiffness strain.
• NC controlled feed on Z axis (ZNC)
• Integral design with compact footprint
• Precision co-ordinate table with needle roller bearings on symmetric guideways
• Highly accurate work head with the quill running on pre-loaded cross roller bearings
• Two-door, large work tank for ease of loading and unloading of the workpiece
• Rigid machine bed made of high-quality cast-iron
• Linear scales in all axes to ensure constant precision
• Di-electric tank integrated in the machine frame
• Manual central lubrication for table guides and spindles
• Servo drive on Z axis for fine-tuning of system stability
• User-friendly, easy to learn operation
• Parameters are entered directly at the control panel and can easily be optimized
• A total of 10 sets with positions and amperages or finishing steps can be entered
• Full safety interlock s including standard infrared &heat detector

Options included

Optional orbital head

Standard Equipment

▶ NC controlled Z axis feed
▶ Linear scales in all axis
▶ Separate dielectric reservoir
▶ Flame sensor (fire triggers automatic shut-off)
▶ Arc sensor
▶ Electrode mount
▶ Halogen lights
▶ Filter
▶ Operating tools
▶ Operator manual
▶ CE norms

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