Box-in-Box Horizontal Machining Center - you ji

HMC-Fixed Spindle

HMC-Ram Spindle

Box-in-Box Horizontal Machining Center

Ultra Rigid "Box-in-Box" Construction
The X-axis is driven with two balls screws directly coupled to two FANUC servos simultaneously. The enhanced balance and extra rigidity ensure cutting accuracy under all conditions.

Series Production Machine - Quaser

HX504 Series

HX505 Series

HX635 Series

HX805 Series

Series Production Machine

Unique spindle technology
Spindle code : NB50HR
- Speed range : 6000 / 7.500 rpm
− Transmission : Gear box + belt
− Lubrication : Re-grease system
4th axis
The 4th axis is equipped with large size cones clamping system with clamping force of 91.000 N

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