HPE Series CNC Turret Punch - Yawei

HPE Series CNC Turret Punch

The bridge frame design offers superior rigidity and stability. This coupled with highly accurate punching control makes these machines suitable for high speed punching, forming and embossing applications, as well as Wilson wheel type applications such as pinching wheels, slitting wheels and forming operations.

HPI Series CNC Turret Punch - Yawei

HPI Series CNC Turret Punch

- built for maximum flexibility
- upto 1000 punching cycles per minute
- 36 turret stations standard
- keeping-touch index tool position (proprietory technology NISSHINBO, Japan)
- automatic strip-off detector, clamp-sensor
- rapid loading/unloading of tools

HIQ Series CNC Turret Punch - Yawei

HIQ Series CNC Turret Punch

HIQ Series designed according to "people-oriented" principle, humanize application of full-touch user interface experience, super configuration for faster processing, the unique design of the auxiliary upper and low tool,more convenient operation. Richer configurations,complete, leading 58 station turret with multi tool design more to adapt to complex workpieces, greatly expanding the range of customer applications.

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