Universal OD/ID cylindrical grinder - profimach

Széria PGCU

Universal OD/ID cylindrical grinder

These Universal Cylindrical Grinders have heavy aged cast iron construction, that have been precision machined and hand scraped. The universal grinders are specially designed for grinding O.D. and I.D. surfaces.

OD Cylindrical grinder - profimach

Széria PGC

OD Cylindrical grinder

The cylindrical grinder is a type of grinding machine used to shape the outside of an object.
O.D. Cylindrical Grinding, is the precision grinding of the outer surface of any round work piece such as motor shafts, axle shafts, rolls, mandrels, tapered shafts, multi-step parts, etc. In most cases the work-piece is held rigidly at both ends between centers.

Rollgrinder - profimach

Széria PGCR


The roll grinders is a type of grinding machine used in rubber, metallurgy, and printing machine industry, for grinding the working rolls and back up rolls of various large type rolling mills and for grinding metal, or non-metal pressing rolls of various pressing machines.

Crankshaft grinder - profimach

Széria PGCC

Crankshaft grinder

The crankshaft grinders are easy in operation an wide in application. The crankshaft is used everywhere that energy and power are transformed into rotational movements. It has a very wide variety of applications, ranging from chainsaws to automotive engines, all the way up to diesel generators in marine engines.