Precision Injection Molding Machine - Yizumi

Precision Injection Molding Machine

"A2 Series" high precision plastics injection molding machine was launched into market in late 2006. It is a much upgraded version based on "A Series" injection molding machine which has been launched into market since 2002.

Servo Injection Molding Machine - Yizumi

Servo Injection Molding Machine

A2-SM Series injection molding machines are equipped with famous servo motor system and YUKEN dual-displacement piston pump. They come with high competitiveness on international market, because of low cost, high performance, long service life, fast response, ease of wiring and energy savings.

Two-platen Injection molding machine - Yizumi

Two-platen Injection molding machine

Injection unit supported by the linear guide with better guidance,less resistance and higher control precision.

Standard Servo-motor-driven Injection Molding Machine - Yizumi

Standard Servo-motor-driven Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic driving technology is the most widely used driving control technology in injection molding machine at present. Developing from fixed displacement pump system, to proportional variable displacement pump system and closed-loop variable displacement pump system, today, servo-motor-driven hydraulic pump system has again promoted the hydraulic driving technology:from variable tilting plate control to rotational speed control, from general AC asynchronous motor to AC servo motor drive, from analog control to digital control.

Servo-motor-driven Injection Molding Machine - Yizumi

Servo-motor-driven Injection Molding Machine

Compared with general injection molding machines, SM2 Series injection molding machines adopt cutting edge technology of servo-motor-driven pump, saving 20% to 80% power. As the servo pump system has fast response and is subject to closed-loop control, SM2 Series can produce products of high repeatability and high precision.

Injection Molding Machine - Yizumi

Injection Molding Machine

"SK Series" not only has the advantages of internationally leading plastics injection molding machine with variable pump and the design concept of "energy-saving, low noise, user-friendly", but also makes great improvement in power consumption, machine noise, plasticizing quality and repeatability. With all these advantages and leading technology, "SK Series" is the best buy which is suitable for product molding in various industries.

High-speed PET Preform Injection Molding System - Yizumi

PET Series

High-speed PET Preform Injection Molding System

Combining the latest technology from home and abroad, high speed PET preform injection system breaks with the traditional design of general machines, leads the trend of packaging industry and highlights high efficiency, stability, environmental protection and economy.

Special Injection Molding Machine for UPVC - Yizumi

Special Injection Molding Machine for UPVC

- UPVC special plasticizing screw and barrel.
- Proportional variable pump system which can save energy more than 30%.
- Enlarged plasticizing hydraulic motor.
- Cooling fan in plasticizing barrel for accurate temperature control.
- Individual proportional backpressure control.

High-speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-Wall Packaging - Yizumi

High-speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-Wall Packaging

- Modular design: customized combination of clamping and injection units
- Special plasticizing screw for PP/PE
- Servo pump system and multi-level power configuration available
- Enlarged cooling system with shorter cooling time