3-4 Electric Servo Controller Axes - soco

A Széria

3-4 Electric Servo Controller Axes

The A series tube benders (Pipe Bending) can offer the highest performance solutions, bringing accuracy, flexibility and high production. Is equipped with 3-4 electric CNC axes, unique DGT technology, single or multi-tasking.

CNC 5 Axis Tube Bender - soco

5B Széria

CNC 5 Axis Tube Bender

The SOCO CNC tube bender (Pipe Bending Machines) 5 axis line brings the optimal tube bending solutions for the automotive, trucking, buses, healthcare, boiler, ship building and other industries.

Fully Auto Pipe Bending Machine - profimach

PTB-CNC Széria

Fully Auto Pipe Bending Machine

The PTB Series can easily produce precision bending parts, with the most advanced and complete bending technology by its most reliable controlling function. The machine is a high performance draw bending machine designed for the accurate and repeatable production of tubular components as demanded by today’s industry.
B axis-Driven by Servo Motor; C Axis-Driven by Servo Motor; Y Axis-Driven by Servo Motor

CNC 2 Axis with NC Hydraulic Bending - soco

Auto Széria

CNC 2 Axis with NC Hydraulic Bending

- CNC bending machine with capacities from O.D.10mm ~ 90mm
- Touch screen system and mobile control
- Quick tool change system
- Standard with hydraulic pressure die assist

Brake Line Bender - soco

SB-Oil Széria

Brake Line Bender

The SOCO SB-Oil Tube Master is a dedicated CNC Brake Line Bender (Tube Benders , Pipe Benders), designed for small tubing, especially Bundy Tubes and Hydraulic Lines.

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