Starter Type - profimach

ERE Series

Starter Type

ECO Routers are used to cut(engrave) various signs, mold, copper, aluminium, platic, as well as various metal signs, woodboards and other non-metal materials.
- solid and stable gantry, integrally cast lathe bed
- high speed water cooling system
- high power spindle for vigorous cutting strength

Professional Type - profimach

ERP Series

Professional Type

- Large working area, excellent rigidity and powerful strength offer a good performance and durability.
- High power spindle make machine to run with high precision and fast speed.
- They are fast and accurate with a highly advanced CNC control, multi-spindle design, quantity of machine heads and power of spindle improve the working efficinecy.
Applications: woodworking, signage, advertising industry such as architectural model, glass

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