CNC plate drilling machines - profimach

PD Series

CNC plate drilling machines

CNC Plate Drilling Machines are mainly used in the fields of Steel Structure, Bridge, Electric-communication Tower, Heat Power Station, and Boiler etc, for the drilling process of connecting plate, foundation plate, terminal plate, template, flange plate, structural component etc with high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity, and high reliability. The precision of drilled work pieces meet the European standard.

Automatic cnc drilling line - profimach

PDL Series

Automatic cnc drilling line

The automatic cnc drilling line “mod. PDL-400 with 3 drilling tools” is studied for the small and medium steel construction companies that need flexibility in their production of small profiles: beams, steel angles, Unp, Rectangular/square tubes, steel flats.

CNC Long Bed Drilling - Milling Machine - profimach

EDM Series

CNC Long Bed Drilling - Milling Machine

- AC Servo, three axes moving continously
- SIEMENS 802cC CNC control system
- Pneumatic tool mounting and dismounting
- Auto lubrication

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