Radial Drilling Machines - profimach

RD Series

Radial Drilling Machines

The series with frequency inverter for spindle speed adjustment(no gearbox) and digital display for speeds is designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of rigidity, strength and ease of operation. The column, base, arm and headstock are all precision machined from aged, normalized, closed grain cast iron.

Column Type Vertical Drilling Machines - profimach

digital readout

frequency conversion


Column Type Vertical Drilling Machines

These machines have been designed for drilling, counterboring, reaming, boring, tapping, etc. The machines are largely used in auto repair shops and small production units for single pieces or small batches, showing a great spindle power and high rigidity as compared to the other drilling machines on the market.

Coordinate radial drilling machines - profimach

RD 40

Coordinate radial drilling machines

- spindle speed in frequency conversion and step-less using Germany frequency converter
- milling function
- a linear roller quide way is adopted to the ram
- tapping feature with automatic rotation

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