Economical Series - paragon

RC Series

Economical Series

PARAGON Centerless Grinding machines models RC-12, 16, 18, 1812, 20 are general purpose centerless grinding machines intended for rapid, accurate grinding of small diameter work. High quality at low cost is one of their outstanding features. They are high-productive, versatile, durable machines with maximum ease of operation and safety desing.

V Series Centerless Grinders - paragon

RC-V Series

V Series Centerless Grinders

- with servo motor as regulating wheel motor providing infinitely variable speed change, without gearbox.

Hydrostatic Bearing Series (H Series) - paragon

RC-H Series

Hydrostatic Bearing Series (H Series)

Hydrostatic bearings of the grinding spindle are surrounded by high pressure oil film, eliminating metal-to-metal contact, overheating, oil leakage since no oil seals are utilized, providing less power consumption, high rigidity and high vibration damping performance.

Roller and Ball Bearing Series (B Series) - paragon

RC-B Series

Roller and Ball Bearing Series (B Series)

The innovative advanced regulating wheel spindle does not require a flange and utilizes angular contact bearings and NN roller bearings with double supports that firmly maintain spindle super precision rotation and rigidity.

NC Centerless Grinder - paragon

RC-NC Series

NC Centerless Grinder

Regulating wheel with roller and ball bearing can achieve 0.1μm grinding precision. The regulating wheel can rapidly approach workpiece and then speed down while initiating grinding.
- G.W. with hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearings for selection
- 2-3 axes for G.W. dressing and R.W. infeed compensation.

CNC Centerless Grinder - paragon

RC-CNC Series

CNC Centerless Grinder

The CNC Series centerless grinding machines can be used for infeed grinding and thrufeed grinding to ensure accuracy and high productivity in workpieces with diameters between 1 mm and 50 mm.

High Speed Centerless Grinding Machines - paragon


RHC-CNC Series

High Speed Centerless Grinding Machines

The Paragon RHC-620B series high-speed centerless grinding machine have unique designed regulating wheel spindle that combines super precision angular contact ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearings on both sides.
The Paragon RHC-620 CNC series includes B molde advantage plus unique advance Fanuc controller, standard-operating interface with panel that has easy-to-understand symbols and letter for quick start.

NC Centerless Grinding Machines - profimach

PGC-C Series

NC Centerless Grinding Machines

The machines are capable of grinding external surfaces of cylindrical parts. Known for its quality, durability, and stability, these high precison grinders finds applications in various domains: automobile, electronic, electrical, etc.

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