Gantry Type 5-Axis Machining Center - awea

LV Series

Mega 5G Series

Gantry Type 5-Axis Machining Center

Five Axis Machining Center, composed of advanced technologies & high quality machine structure, is capable of handling various applications in 5 axis simultaneous machining with expandable, compact design and at favorable price.

5 - Axis Machining Center - Quaser

UX Series

5 - Axis Machining Center

- Equipped with proven mechanical swiveling-rotary table for working capacity up to 600x400mm/300kg
- All models use the same base, column, cross slider and ATC unit

Long Bed Five Axis Complex Machining Center - Quaser

MK5U Series

Long Bed Five Axis Complex Machining Center

These machines are particularly suitable for high-end precision molding industry and other precision parts manufacturing in a wide range of industries. High performance, high accuracy, heavy cutting, five sided cutting equipment for medium and small workpieces. High rigidity linear guide ways on the X, Y axes.

Bridge Type 5-Axis Machining Center - awea

Mega 5P Series

Bridge Type 5-Axis Machining Center

The machine is equipped with X, Y, Z, B, C five axes simultaneous movement control; vertical, horizontal machining and even intricate shape parts machining can be easily completed in one set up.

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