Column Travel - kiheung

HiTRAX Series


Column Travel

- High rapid feed of 18000mm/min. for X, Y, Z axis with heavy duty cutting performance.
- Siemens / Fanuc AC servo motor for X, Y, Z axis
- X axis movement with Twin-Drive system is composed of preloaded rack and pinion system with 2 servo motors for “dynamic movement”. One is actual driving, while the other is braking for“ backlash free”

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machining Center - awea

BL-FM Series

BL-S Series

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machining Center

- Powerful cutting capacity
- Optimizes accuracy movements and reliable accuracy
- One machine performs four jobs: Boring, Milling, Drilling, Shaping

Conventional Horizontal Boring Machines - profimach

HBM Series

Conventional Horizontal Boring Machines

Operations: drilling, hole enlarging, boring, reaming, plane milling, spot facing, threading, and other machining processes.

CNC Horizontal Boring Machines - profimach

CNC HBM Series

CNC Horizontal Boring Machines

The CNC HBM boring and milling machine is designed for enlarging holes which have already been drilled or cast and it is especially suitable for machining boxed-structured parts. Adopting a single column design and designed with a precision rotary worktable, this CNC boring milling machine can index freely with high accuracy of indexing and repeated positioning accuracy. The workpiece can be clamped at one time to finish milling, drilling, boring and reaming machining because of the machine feature of forceful cutting and the possibility of achieving 3 axis coordinated machining.

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