Katana Series

Katana X Series


KATANA hydraulic shears are made to provide high performance and accuracy based on simple and highly efficient operation. Full European design and top brand hydraulic and electrical components ensure the high stiffness and strength of the machine frame, combined with quick reaction drive systems and user-friendly controls. Hydraulic system consists of motor driven high pressure pump and valve group are located at the top of the machine for shortest connection lines to the hydraulic cylinders and oil free work area. Multi-work-step programing allows the automatic adjustment of the rear stop and the top ram, generating an automatic operation of the machine.

NC Swing Beam Shearing Machines - Yawei

QC12Y Series

NC Swing Beam Shearing Machines

- Accurate backguage position reading by ESTUN E10 digital readout
- highly reliable hydraulic control with REXROTH, Germany system
- Fast and stepless blade gap adjustment
- Rapid and accurate positioning of backguage by invertor motor
- Light alignment for fast positioning

LGS Series Guillotine Shears - Yawei

LGS Series

LGS Series Guillotine Shears

- streamlined design, high precision hydraulic guillotine shear with 3-points rollers guide
- ESTUN E10 accurately display backgauge stroke
- the cutting angle can be adjusted by electric motor
- Backguage is AC motor driven for fast and accurate positioning

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