Twin Spindle and Twin Turrets Turning Center - Goodway

GTS Series

GTX Series

Twin Spindle and Twin Turrets Turning Center

The Series incorporates twin-opposing spindle and turrets with C-axis and live tooling capabilities. This configuration allows both turrets to work simultaneosly with one turret at each spindle achieving ultimate efficency.

Multi-tasking Twin Spindle and Twin Turret Turning Center - Goodway

GMT Series

GTS-201 Series

Multi-tasking Twin Spindle and Twin Turret Turning Center

The series is a machine with high efficiency, multi-tasking capabilities. The twin built-in spindles with upper / lower turrets structure gives you high accuracy and excellent balancing of turning power.
The upper and lower turret can simultaneously work on the same side of the work piece which saves a tremendous amount of time. It can also be paired with an optional loading / unloading system to save manpower and cycle time for mass production.

Multi Axis Orbitting Turning Center - Goodway

GMS Series

Multi Axis Orbitting Turning Center

- Simultaneous turning on both spindles can achieve the best cutting condition and increase the machining accuracy and quality of long work pieces.
- With the advanced double-turret and double-spindle construction, one turret can cut a work piece in one spindle with the other running at the same time. One simultaneous turning machine means replacing two machines which increases working efficiency.

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